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This past year (2019) I completed the coursework and exam to become a Certified Living In Place Professional™.  Although I have been designing spaces for close to 20 years I took on this new certification because I saw it is a natural extension of what I do currently; transforming lives by creating spaces that work. What I learned in the process was I was only seeing the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Several elements of the CLIPP program are unique and contributed to my interest in certification:

  • The Living In Place Institute that administers the program has a unique approach that includes manufacturers and health care professionals as well as designers. This concept provides a broader understanding of needs and connects end users with products that they need. 
  • It’s not just an “Aging in Place” concept. Here’s a few statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that I found shocking:
    • Over 90% of all home injuries to children are preventable
    • 33% of all child related injuries are due to falling
    • 1 in 4 US adults have a disability that impacts major life activities
    • In 2015 the direct medical costs related to falls was 50 Billion dollars
  • Recognizing the part that adequate lighting plays and appreciating how lighting needs change over the course of our lives.
  • For the builder community new resources are provided. Realizing that building codes are “minimum” requirements; I began to see that simple, cost-neutral changes in the planning stages could make a substantial contribution to creating safer spaces for families and a home’s visitors. 

Being a CLIPP prepares me to assist in new and better ways. Whether completing a HASAC™ (Home Accessibility and Safety Assessment Checklist™) or incorporating current best practices as a part of a building or remodeling project. Making homes safe, comfortable and accessible is mission critical! 

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